Saturday, 21 June 2008

In My Studio at Last!!!

Phew, at long last I'm able to use my studio!! Hooray!!! Still some bits left to do, but they can wait a while whilst I play 'catch-up' (not to be confused with Ketchup! :-)
Electricity supply to the mains hasn't been connected yet but its in the pipeline so to speak, so an external extension lead with appropriate safety cut off box will suffice for now :-)
My mass of art materials are now being sifted through; papers, prints and boards are now living comfortably in their new home - an A0 plan chest that was donated to me :-) Pastels, paints, brushes etc are being sorted into two categories one being items that are frequently used - these will reside in the studio, & two, less frequently used things will find themselves suitably homed in storage units within our converted attic. As you can imagine Richard has wasted no time in utilizing the dining room table ..................................... for his laptop!!! Cheeky monkey!!!

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