Monday, 11 May 2009

Twycross Zoo Commission!

Well 2009 is definitley turning out to be a year of wonderful challenges; from a deluge of private commissions and enquiries to a 'gorilla commission' from Twycross Zoo!
Authorization for the gorilla commission was granted with the zoo's intention of auctioning the painting later this year (during September I believe) in aid of the 'Gorilla Conservation Fund'.
Progress so far:
Having had approval for the main photograph I would be working from, a photograph I shot last year of Samsam - one of the zoo's resident male Western Lowland Gorillas, I began the gruelling task, for me the hardest & least enjoyable part, of sketching this hansome young chap, making sure proportions are correct and composition pleasing to the eye. My sketching method leaves alot to be desired and I must keep eraser manufacturers in business all by myself! Once happy with my results, and believe me its hard to please a perfectionist :-), I transferred the completed sketch onto my prepared velour paper and began the enjoyable part of working with my pastels which will hopefully lead to the creation of a finished painting.

So its back to the literal drawing board for me, thankyou for dropping in on my blog and please feel free to leave comments. Bye for now x