Monday, 11 May 2009

Twycross Zoo Commission!

Well 2009 is definitley turning out to be a year of wonderful challenges; from a deluge of private commissions and enquiries to a 'gorilla commission' from Twycross Zoo!
Authorization for the gorilla commission was granted with the zoo's intention of auctioning the painting later this year (during September I believe) in aid of the 'Gorilla Conservation Fund'.
Progress so far:
Having had approval for the main photograph I would be working from, a photograph I shot last year of Samsam - one of the zoo's resident male Western Lowland Gorillas, I began the gruelling task, for me the hardest & least enjoyable part, of sketching this hansome young chap, making sure proportions are correct and composition pleasing to the eye. My sketching method leaves alot to be desired and I must keep eraser manufacturers in business all by myself! Once happy with my results, and believe me its hard to please a perfectionist :-), I transferred the completed sketch onto my prepared velour paper and began the enjoyable part of working with my pastels which will hopefully lead to the creation of a finished painting.

So its back to the literal drawing board for me, thankyou for dropping in on my blog and please feel free to leave comments. Bye for now x


molarbear's posts said...

Hi...I came over to "e-visit", having been given the link by my good friend Rahul Parekh of India..and am very impressed with what I see!

May you truly go from strength to strength!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, After seeing your work on WetCanvas, I had to visit your website...your work is absolutely fantastic.
I love that you are also self-taught - you are an inspiration !
Cheers for now !
Linda (aka Coconut on WC)

Olga said...

You works are brilliant, so alive and perfect. I adore them. Being painter myself - digital painter, after years in watwercolor and pencil - I truly adore your art. Congrats on Zoo commission! I've done recently series of Wild Africa animals and people for the zoo I'm working in as an animal photographer and graphic designer so I know it is amazing feeling ^_^
All the best!

StonefeatherFineArt said...

Your work is breath taking & I'm picking up on how you work! I notice that you favor Velour paper & I love the stuff myself! It sure lends a special quality to the work! I use Wallis Paper most of the time, but I think you just inspired me to order some velour!