Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Siberian/Amur Tiger

Okay I feel as though I'm catching up with my blog now so here's an extra item to keep it ticking over ;-)

Whilst exhibiting at The Rutland Birdfair in August I started a new wildlife painting, it was lovely being able to share my art this way, and the public were genuinely interested and some alomost hypnotised while watching! ha!ha! The feedback from this alone has been wonderful!and progress so far:You can stay up to date on the progress of this painting and others on the 'Studio' page of my website
Okay that's my 'longer than usual' teabreak over, back off to the studio now :-)
Thanks again for dropping in & bye for now xx

Oh my word this year is whizzing by so fast, as always life is hectic but I thought its about time that I should update my blog while I have a spare five minutes, so with a cup of tea in hand here goes:

From April of this year onwards I was working towards the world renowned Rutland Birdfair, the pressure was on and the workload heavy but boy did I enjoy the excitement that went along with it - fantastic, it really does you good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and push forward towards a new goal. The weeks seemed to blend together and before I knew it August had arrived, limited edition prints were ordered and required framing was underway, then the nail-biting journey to the Rutland site with cars loaded to the full, then the problem dawned on me (and thankfully it was the only problem) - Rutland is the home of Rutland resevoire, hence high humidity = damp nights!!! Now anyone who works with velour paper knows how it hates moisture, so much so it almost leaps off the drawing board and heads for the nearest door! ha!ha! So an answer had to be found, yep thats right every evening the paintings had to be packed back into the car and taken home again, much to the amusement of 'old hands' who now only hang canvases etc! ha!ha! Apart from this hiccup exhibiting at The Rutland Birdfair was an awesome experience with over 22,800 people visiting over the three days!!
Yep that's Simon King (Wildlife film-maker) collecting his SOLOMON Limited Edition Print :-)

New wildlife paintings that were completed for the exhibition included

BEST FOOT FORWARD:and THREE OF A KIND:But as the saying goes 'time waits for no man' and so I've no time to sit and reflect on what has been too much as I've a new solo exhibition opening tomorrow, commissions for Christmas to be completed and of course my next wildlife projects to work on, oh yes and one more thing (not that I'm likely to forget) the dates have now been set for The Rutland Birdfair 2010!!! So the preparations start all over again on this wonderful rollercoaster ride of living my dream as a wildlife artist - God is good & life is sweet!

Thankyou for taking the time to catch up on my blog! Take care and bye for now xx