Friday, 22 October 2010

Life in the fast lane!!!

Oh my word has it really been over a year since I last updated my blog? If there was an image of my embarrassed face right now I'd add it to this post, but as there's not I'll brush that last comment under the carpet and move straight on to updating you all with a little of what's been happening during the last 12 months or so......

Okay here we go, my brain really is like a disorganized filing cabinet (more like a bin of information actually) so bare with me as the following things may or may not be in chronological order, okay they most probably wont be in chronological order but hey at least you've been warned! lol:

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be employed as a demonstrator of
Unison soft pastels and Fabre Castell pastel pencils at the prestigeous 'Patchings Art Festival' 2010:

While demonstrating at 'Patchings' I was approached by the 'Research & Development' Manager for Caran d'Ache (an art materials manufacturer in Switzerland) and asked if I would like to be involved with the trialing and development of a new pastel product? After quietly debating the pros and cons of such an offer (which must have taken between 3-5 milliseconds as I'm not one for spontaneous decisions lol) I eventually agreed :-) So samples were received, self formulated tests carried out and results emailed back to the Caran d'Ache head-quarters in Switzerland, everyone seemed happy. Now it seems they were far happier with my labours than I first imagined as I have just received an invitation to go to Geneva (all expenses paid) "within the next few months" for the launch of this new product! More news on that real soon :-)

During August I exhibited at the
Rutland Birdfair! Sales were excellent and interest high (as was the humidity - it isn't called Rutland Reservoir for nothing! lol)

Sales included the only just released Sole Survivor (having only come from the framers the previous weekend):

Whilst there I received lots of 'celebrity' interest too! Having personal visits from Johnny Kingdom (I ended up wearing Johnny's hat and together we ran off hand in hand through the marquee much to the surprise and cheers of the watching public! lol),
Chris Packham & Simon King:

Wow talk about 'heard it on the grapevine'!!! lol

Whilst exhibiting at events like the yearly Rutland Birdfair I do like to demonstrate my artwork and techniques too, its amazing really that I can be working away concentrating on my painting while being oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the sometimes crowded marquees and the unblinking gazes of onlookers standing behind me - weird or what! lol It's almost like having blinkers on except these blinkers cover my ears too! lol A tap on the shoulder and it's question time, and what amazes me is the variety of questions asked, anything from questions regarding my artwork & techniques to the views I have on conservation & environmental issues (the latter things of which I've never claimed to know about, well not in depth anyway).

This past year has seen the pace of my career as a wildlife artist really hotting up, with next year looking more than promising already - quarterly
Wildlife Art Workshops running and bookings already being taken for my Fur & Feather Demonstrations.

I believe God has blessed me with a wonderful creative gift, one which I didn't have to earn but was given and one which I gain great pleasure in sharing with others, but apart from that He's also made it a gift of the heart, my heart which I'm sure reflects a tiny amount of the greatness of His, to be able to bring about inspiration & encouragement in others, and hopefully a glimpse of the wonderful glory of creation that surrounds us all on this tiny fragile planet we call home - its the only one we have so lets work together to make it a better place for us all xxx

Some news involving myself and
Simon King OBE coming soon ........... now that should keep you all guessing for a while! lol ;-)

Oh yes and while I still have your attention I'd just like to say that I now intend to update this blog once a month if possible (and you can hold me to that if I don't! lol)

Thankyou for dropping by!
Take care & God bless xx

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Rahul Parekh said...

So happy to see you working Kerry :) want to say so many things but am speechless. You are amazing. Wish you all the success in your ongoing journey to reach many milestones ahead :o)))