Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Project Build!

After what seems like years of having to use our dining room as a painting area, financial circumstances can finally permit me to have a workshop of my very own (yep we finally have the dosh & the word 'studio' sounds far too posh :-) Nothing big and elaborate though, just 8' x 10' of space just for me - heaven!

As you can probably imagine, using the dining room and therefore the dining room table too didn't go down too well with my husband (a bit like my cooking :-) and the rigmarole of setting up easels, paints and pastels only to be putting them away again time after time leaves its mark eventually with a noticable artistic slowing and an eventual grudge against starting something new. So its not to be surprized at that both Richard and myself being equally as excited with the prospect of 'Project Build'!

Yesterday was the day pencilled onto my calendar that would finally see the start of something new, workmen arrived and within a few sweltering hours the base for the workshop was complete .....

from this:

to this:

now it's this coming Friday thats pencilled onto my calendar as this is when the workshop is due to arrive!!

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